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Modal Analysis in Virtual Prototyping and Product Validation

NAFEMS Webinar Series

Modal Analysis in Virtual Prototyping and Product Validation


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Designing products experiencing dynamic loads is a challenge faced by practicing engineers in a wide spectrum of industries. This ranges from appliances through large wind turbines to offshore oil rigs. It is important to design systems deterministically. At the same time, product needs to get to market on time with quality and reliability and within target product costs.

This webinar focuses on the optimal use of simulation and experimentation in modal analysis. Modal analysis is a system identification method that can be used to determine the natural frequencies, damping and mode shapes of a physical system, be it a gas turbine, wind turbine, automotive wheel, bridge, offshore structures. Modal Analysis can be performed on a virtual prototype and physical prototype. The tools and methods of modal analysis vary depending on whether it is done on a virtual or physical prototype.

This webinar was a live demonstration of modal analysis performed on a set of physical prototypes and computer models. The concepts that were demonstrated include:


  • What is Modal Analysis?
  • Why Perform Modal Analysis?
  • Finite Element Approach to Modal Analysis?
  • Gaps in the Finite Element Approach
  • How to use Experimentation to Bridge the Gaps?
  • Sensors, Instrumentation and Software for Experimental Modal Analysis?
  • Correlation of Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis?
  • A Quick Overview of Mathematics and Physics of Modal Analysis


Welcome & Introduction

Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North America

Modal Analysis in Virtual Prototyping and Product Validation

Mr. Dhanushkodi,.D.M, TechPassion Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Q & A Session

Webinar Presenter

Mr. Dhanushkodi .D.M

Managing Director & CEO
TechPassion Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Dhanushkodi .D.MDhanushkodi is the CEO and CoFounder of TechPassion, an ISO certified engineering product company building next generation tools for bridging simulation and testing. TechPassion has a product, VMAP built from several years of research in the area of system identification, dynamics and controls.

Dhanushkodi earned a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He did his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned Masters in Mechanical Engineering. His graduate thesis involved the design and development of high speed positioning systems with applications in semiconductor and machine tool industry. His bachelors thesis led to the development of a custom built finite element software for analyzing rotating machinery using the cyclic symmetry. This led to a journal publication in the "Advances in Engineering Software". He worked as a Research Engineer at the General Electric Global Research Center before founding TechPassion Inc. At GE, he worked on research projects and product development programs in industries spanning automotive, locomotive, and medical imaging. He, along with his colleagues at MIT has developed a methodology of system identification of precision machines using Modal analysis.