North American SDM Symposium

NAFEMS North American SDM Symposium

NAFEMS North American SDM Symposium

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Presented by NAFEMS’ SDM Working Group and hosted by GE

The NAFEMS’ Simulation Data Management Working Group presented this one-day conference with the aim of helping participants to better understand the benefits gained from implementing a Simulation Data Management system such as increased efficiency, reduced development costs, and improved time-to-market.

The primary focus of the conference was on companies sharing their experiences, lessons learned, and benefits gained from breakthrough improvements in simulation throughput, analyst productivity, product performance, and information traceability.

This event was run in conjunction with 'CIMdata’s Simulation & Analysis Council Workshop' on Tuesday May 1st.


Presentations included the following:-

NAFEMS North American SDM Symposium: Welcome and Introduction
Rodney Dreisbach, Boeing

NAFEMS White Paper: The Business Value of Simulation Data Management – A Decade of Production Experience
Peter Bartholomew, MDAO Technologies & Mark Norris, InfoSys

Simulation Data Management Challenges in the Aerospace Industry - Embraer Experience
Rodrigo Britto Maria, Embraer

"SDM Backbone" as an alternative approach to SPDM
Joe Walsh, Intrisim, Inc

Simulation Life Cycle Management - a Game Changer in a CAE World
Frank Popielas, Dana Holding Corporation

Global Collaboration Strategy for CAE Data
John Bloomberg, GE

Simulation Data and Process Management at Petrobras, Brazil
Shantanu Bhide, Petrobras

CAE Data Management - The FORD Experience
Kyu Sohn & Ram Thirunavukkarasu, Ford Motor Company

The Design, Development, and Testing of an Open Standards-Based Simulation Data Management and Archival System
Keith Hunten, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.

Vendor Panel Discussion

The North America SDM Symposium hosted a Vendor Panel Discussion where the leading vendors within the community came together to articulate and discuss the needs of the community in a non-competitive forum. Vendors included:

The Simulation Management Challenge

Faced with competitive and regulatory pressures, many manufacturers wish to take advantage of the falling cost of computer hardware and simulate much more to evaluate, optimize and validate their products in the virtual world and so minimize physical testing.

In order to increase their simulation capacity, companies need to increase the productivity of their analysts and disseminate simulation best practices to enable non-specialists to carry out simulations successfully. And companies need to find a way to manage the ever increasing avalanche of Terabytes of Simulation Data generated by more and more complex simulations.

Technology leaders share experiences

Visionary companies have embraced the new technology of Simulation Process and Data Management up to a decade ago.They have achieved breakthrough improvements in simulation throughput, analyst productivity, product performance and information traceability. Such companies will share their experiences,lessons learnt and benefits obtained at this landmark conference.

SDM Technology

Simulation Data is most meaningful if it is managed in the context of the processes used to create it. SDM is a structured information systems technology which provides for the management of data objects, metadata and inter-relationships at all levels of granularity and abstraction, including design and analysis parameters, requirements, and results. SDM solutions may be integrated with other systems and databases that manage engineering and product data. SDM systems are available for managing and executing a wide range of modeling and simulation data and processes, across the breadth of engineering disciplines, supporting a heterogeneous analysis environment. Integration of design, test, and manufacturing data with modeling, simulation and analysis is widely supported.

SDM solutions are also known as Simulation Process and Data Management, Simulation Process Management and Simulation Lifecycle Management. Vendors offering such solutions will present the state of the art at the conference, allowing delegates to see the progress that has been made since the first systemswere deployed.

NAFEMS SDM Working Group

Most manufacturing companies now have an urgent need to get their simulation data under control and improve their Simulation processes and productivity. NAFEMS has responded to these challenges for its members by creating the Simulation Data Management Working Group.

The Simulation Data Management Working Group conducted a survey to determine user needs and is developing a White Paper to provide engineering management and simulation methods leaders with an understanding and an ROI framework for communicating the critical enterprise-level business benefits to be derived by investing in SDM//SPDM/SLM/SPM technology over the next 1-3 years. Representatives from the Simulation Data Management Working Group will report on these activities to the conference, to help members decide when and how to invest.