Simulation Data Management

Simulation Data Management Working Group

Today, many manufacturers are facing tremendous challenges related to the storage and retrieval of simulation data. Product Data Management (PDM) systems are not capable of handling the terabytes of information which are generated as a result of performing these complex simulations. Simulation Data Management (SDM) provides a mechanism for the storage, management, and retrieval of this performance-related data. The SDMWG addresses this breakthrough technology by helping the community better understand the benefits gained from implementing a Simulation Data Management system and how to save time, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-market.

The SDMWG brings together a rich blend of leading engineering practitioners, software vendors, and academic researchers from around the world.

The Mission and Vision statement for the group can be accessed below:

Mission and Vision Statement

Terms of Reference

NAFEMS members can download the Terms of Reference for the working group below.

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Simulation Data Management Working Group Overview

An outline of the group's remit and activities can be downloaded below:


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