Improving Simulation Prediction by Using Advanced Material Models


Improving Simulation Prediction by Using Advanced Material Models

5 – 6 November 2013
Lund, Sweden

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Advanced material models offer tremendous potential in terms of accurate numerical model prediction. Increasing interest in different constitutive models has also been fuelled by the rising popularity of modern engineering materials such as thermoplastics, elastomers and other polymers. At the same time engineers are frequently using advanced material models to explore the behavior of conventional materials, taking account of aspects such as rate dependence, cyclic loading, creep , plasticity and damage, to name but a few. Use of these material models certainly presents many challenges though, including:
  • Is the model adequate to accurately represent the material response for the given loading and environmental conditions?
  • Is sufficient material data available to allow an appropriate model fit?
  • Can a more advanced model be implemented with an acceptable numerical efficiency?

This seminar provides an opportunity for delegates to learn how the many modeling issues related to this topic are addressed. It also provides a rare opportunity to network with peers who are faced with similar challenges and to exchange experiences within material modeling challenges and advantages.

Torben Hansen (Novo Nordisk) and Jan Granlund (Dassault Systémes),
both are members of the NAFEMS NORDIC Steering Committee.

Agenda – 5 November

Welcome and NAFEMS Introduction
T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk,SWE); J. Granlund (Dassault Systémes, SWE),
both are members of the NAFEMS NORDIC Steering Committee

Implementing Advanced Materials Models in a Commercial Finite Element Code
L. P. Mikkelsen (DTU, DEN)


Beef or Chicken? On the Burden of Choosing the Appropriate Material Model
D. Steglich (Helmholtz-Zentrum, GER)


Coffee Break

Variations in Material Quality:
Should it be taken into Account in Simulations? In that Case, how?

T. Andersson (Solidmekanik, SWE)


Integration and Optimization of a 64-coreHPC for
FEM- and/or CFD Welding Simulations

P. Lindström (Det Norske Veritas, NOR); A. de Blanche (University West,SWE)


Integrating the Injection Molding Manufacturing Process
in the Package Simulation Workflow

E. Andreasson, L. Persson (Tetra Pak Packaging Solution, SWE);
H. Jacobsson (FS Dynamics, SWE); J. Nordgren (Altair Engineering, SWE)

Come together in the exhibition area

Agenda – 6 November

Deformation and Damage Mechanisms in Thin Ductile Polymer Films
E. Andreasson, J. Jönsson (Tetra Pak, SWE); M. Sandgren (Areva, SWE);
P. Hakansson (ÅF, SWE)

Prediction of Long Term Durability of a Spring Loaded Thermoplastic Component Using Material Time Scaling in an Explicit Solver for Modeling of Creep and Relaxation
T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, DEN)


Determination and Validation of Cohesive Laws for an Epoxy Adhesive
in Modus I and II

F. Stig, J. Johansson, A. Wickström (Semcon,SWE)

10:00    Coffee Break

New Development in a Database of Advanced Material Properties for CAE Use
C. Löfvén (EnginSoft, SWE)


A Constitutive In-Plane Elosto-Plastic Model for Paperboard Taking intoAccount the Effects of Pre-Straining
E. Borgqvist, M. Wallin, Matti Ristinmaa; T.Lindström, J. Tryding (Univ. Lund, SWE)

Material Models for Anisotropic Materials –an Approach from the Packaging Industry
T. Andersson (Solidmekanik, SWE)


Lunch Break

Plastic Composites in Multi-Scale Simulations
J. Landergren (MSC Software, SWE)


A Procedure to fit Multiple Element Nonlinear Rheological Models
L. Olesen (Novo Nordisk, DEN)


Wrap-Upand Farwell
- 14:15   T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, SWE); J.Granlund (Dassault Systémes, SWE)

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