Steering Committee

NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee (NNSC)

The function of this group is to direct and control the strategy for delivering the activities of NAFEMS within the Nordic Countries. The group consists of a small number of people from the engineering analysis community, comprising a mixture of representatives from industry, research, university, and major software and hardware vendors from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Current members of the NNSC are:

A. Johansson (Altair Engineering, SWE)

M. Hermodsson (Corebon, SWE)

J. Granlund (Dassault Systemes, SWE)

L. Pilgaard Mikkelsen (DTU, DEN)

M. Redhe (DYNAmore Nordic, SWE)

A. Ptchelintsev (DynaPredict, FIN)

B. Isaksen (Dynova, NOR)

E. Weibust (Engicon, NOR/SWE)

C.-F. Stein (FS Dynamics Sweden, SWE)

J. Vernersen (Grundfos Holding, DEN)

M. Andreasson (MSC.Software Sweden, SWE)

T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, DEN)

F. Santandrea (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SWE)

P. Poskiparta (Valmet Automotive, FIN) 

T. Frondelius (Wärtsilä, FIN)