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Simulation Governance: Risk Mitigation

Simulation Governance: Risk Mitigation

Access to high performance computing facilities, IT infrastructure, and process automation are driving productivity gains in CAE throughout. Analysts are able to simulate variation in system behavior for robust design through application of DFSS principles. 

Despite these recent advances, many engineering decisions may not involve direct CAE feedback due to the perceived risks associated with using model predictions to validate that the design meets the requirements. The CAE community often does not provide a quantitative confidence level related to the simulation back to the customer. Though, recently, guidelines have been developed by ASME, AIAA, NAFEMS, etc., for Verification and Validation of computational models. 

In this talk, the speakers presented the business opportunities for companies in quantifying simulation capability. Statistical methods to characterize uncertainties in both experimental and simulation outcomes were discussed. Case studies from the automotive industry were presented to illustrate the use of validation metrics along with recommendations for CAE analysts and customers.


  • Andrew Wood, NAFEMS  

An Introduction to the Simulation Governance "2020" Series

  • Dr. Keith Meintjes, CIMdata
Robust Design as a Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Dr. Alexander Karl, Rolls-Royce

Main Presentation

  • Dr. Ramesh Rebba, Senior CAE Engineer, General Motors

Q & A Session





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About the Speaker

Dr. Ramesh Rebba works as a supervisor for cell and safety testing team in Global Battery Systems Laboratory at General Motors in Warren, MI. As a global simulation owner, Dr. Rebba is also responsible for developing and implementing standard analysis work for all battery cell related simulation within GM. As part of Department of Energy/NREL CAEBAT project, Dr. Rebba was a member of the GM team developing CAE tools for battery system design in collaboration with external software and technical partners.

Dr. Rebba's primary interests include battery mechanics, testing, multi-physics modeling, uncertainty quantification, and model verification and validation (V&V). He received a BS in Structural Engineering from IIT, Madras, India; an MS and PhD both from Vanderbilt University in the area of computational model validation. He is an active member of the NAFEMS Stochastics Working Group, ASME committee on verification and validation of computational solid mechanics models, and SAE. Dr. Rebba has DFSS Black Belt certification at GM.