Stochastics Working Group (SWG)

Extract significantly more business value from your investment in engineering analysis and simulation through the implementation of stochastic applications:

  • Produce repeatable, realistic and rapid results
  • Reduce design cycle times through faster iterative analysis
  • Reduce the number of physical prototypes required for design validation
  • Improve accuracy to drive down product, development, manufacturing, and warranty costs

Why Join?

The Stochastics Working Group (SWG) will bring together a rich blend of leading engineering practitioners, software vendors, and academic researchers from around the world.

Membership Benefits:

  • Accelerate the adoption and further the development of stochastics through customer driven applications
  • Received unique insight and hands on experience in the application of stochastics in your working environment
  • Collaborate and pioneer new trends in stochastics
  • Early adoption of new technologies and access to new research

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Interested in Learning More about the SWG? 

NAFEMS Members can download the Terms of Reference for this group: 

SWG Terms of Reference

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SWG Chairman

Alexander Karl