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Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Creating the Next Generation Vehicle

Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry:

Creating the Next Generation Vehicle

Date: Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Location: Troy, MI


The automotive engineering community is now confronting the largest technology transformation since its inception. This includes the electrification of powertrains for more efficient consumption and cleaner emissions, the reinvention of the battery with fast wireless charging capabilities and finally the advent of a fully autonomous vehicle. Compounding to these technology changes, the automotive companies design verification process is moving away from a major reliance on physical testing to almost a full virtual simulation product verification process.

Hence, the challenges to the automotive engineers are enormous and require a significant increase in the upfront use of numerical simulation capabilities, methods and processes such they’re able to efficiently design, manufacture and deliver these very innovative technologies to the market in greater speeds than ever before.

Topics presented and discussed at this conference will address various questions, such as

  • What CAE techniques are being used to drive various powertrain electrification design alternatives (i.e., HEVs, PHEVs, EBVs)
  • What are the latest simulation solutions/techniques applied to deliver current and future sustainability requirements (e.g., light weighting, alternative-propulsion, fuel economy, ultra-low emissions)?
  • What are some pragmatic simulation case studies applicable to the design & development of level-4 & level-5 autonomous vehicles?
  • What steps should I take when exploring the widening technology landscape (i.e., application of AI, generative-design, etc.)?
  • How can I better leverage systems modeling & simulation to improve the safety, reliability, NVH and functional performance of next-generation vehicles?


NAFEMS Americas and invited speakers will cover these topics, and more, at, “Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Creating the Next Generation Vehicle." Located at the MEC in Troy, MI, attendees from the major automotive manufacturers and suppliers will gather at this annual event, in a pre-competitive manner, to exchange ideas, identify best practices, and drive the near-future direction of technology.

This event aims to deliver information and insights on critical topic areas in a manner that maximizes the “take-away” value for attendees. An event agenda and concept championed by several leading figures in the automotive industry will provide the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and practices, which attendees can later share and apply within their own organizations.

Event Highlights

  • Two Keynotes: Ford Motor Company and The Ohio State University Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center
  • 32 Presentations and Case Studies Delivered by Leading End-Users, Software and Services Providers, and Researchers
  • A Panel Discussion on, "Technology Gaps in Delivering Full Automotive Virtual Validation"
    • Description: The objectives of the panel discussion are to actively engage the audience (including OEM experts and Suppliers) and examine the many technical challenges facing Automotive CAE Engineers needed to satisfy the ever demanding efficiency needs to deliver quicker, simpler and more accurate analyses in support of shorter development times in combination with elimination of physical testing. The expectation from the panel discussion is to explore the possibility of establishing a consortium among OEMs and Suppliers to develop the most critical technology gaps identified as part of the panel discussion.
  • 10 Exhibitors Representing the Leading Software and Services Providers Showcasing their Latest Advancements

Featured Speakers



A copy of the preliminary agenda for, "Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Creating the Next Generation Vehicle" is now available by clicking on the link below:

Download Preliminary Agenda

Download Preliminary Agenda with Abstracts


TypeTitle & Presenter
KeynoteThe aDRIVE Simulation Framework: Automated Driving Refined in Virtual Environments (A. Micks, Technical Specialist, Virtual Environments for Automated Driving, Ford Greenfield Labs)
KeynoteCurriculum Innovation to Meet the Growing Demand for Simulation Talent (S. Midlam-Mohler, Professor, The Ohio State University)
Panel DiscussionTechnology Gaps in Delivering Full Automotive Virtual Validation (M. Felice, Manager, Ford Motor Company)
PresentationMultiphysics Optimization Process for Design of Electric Motors (L. Fernandes, Senior Application Engineer, Altair Engineering, Inc)
PresentationApplication Of Taguchi's DFSS Approach to the Study of Differential Gear Noise (N. Roy, Manager Mechatronics CAE, American Axle Manufacturing)
PresentationIntelligent Simulation Automation is Foundational to a Widening Technology Landscape (M. Panthaki, VP of Analysis Solutions, ARAS Corporation)
PresentationGenerative Design for Automotive – Benchmark and Challenge Problems (K. Meintjes, Executive Consultant, CIMdata Inc)
PresentationSystem Simulation for Electric Vehicle Development (P. Musunuru, Application Engineer – Systems Modeling, ESI North America)
PresentationMotor and Gear NVH CAE Analysis for a Hybrid Transmission Development (M. Saadat, , Ford Motor Company)
PresentationModularization of FEA Models as Key Enabler for Simulation Data Management (C. Wang, Technology Manager, Structures, CAE Strategy and Operations, General Motors Corporation)
PresentationParametric Optimization of CFRP Composite Material Model Properties for Accurate Energy Absorption Prediction in Crashworthiness Simulations (A. Sheldon, Principal Engineer, Honda R & D, Americas, Inc)
PresentationDesign and Optimization for Engine Mount Stiffness Using Multibody Dynamics Approach (G. Singh Pahwa, Lead Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, Mahindra Automotive North America)
PresentationMultidisciplinary Simulations Provide a Pathway to Lightweight Automotive Systems (T. Palmer, Manager, Presales, MSC.Software)
PresentationHow High-Performance Computing in the Cloud Is Accelerating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Simulations (B. Mendez, , Rescale)
PresentationSystems Engineering – Challenges for Management in the Automotive Industry (F. Popielas, Managing Partner, Co-Founder, SMS_Thinktank)
PresentationAppropriate Level of Simulation in Tumble Port Evaluation (A. Megel, Senior Research Engineer, Southwest Research Institute)
PresentationAdvanced Physics Based Sensor Simulation Approaches for Testing Automated and Connected Vehicles (T. Gioutsos, Director, Tass International)
PresentationAutomating Parametric Redesign of Structural Thinwalled Frames from Topology Optimization Results (L. Wang, , The Ohio State University)
PresentationElectric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis (W. Röver, Senior Manager Technical Sales, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp.)
Sponsor Case StudyTopology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing Considering Overhang Angle (R. Hoglund, , Altair Engineering, Inc)
Sponsor Case StudyAddressing the Challenges of Vehicle Electrification (S. Bahuguna, Director, Technical Sales, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp.)
Sponsor Case StudyInnovative and Practical CAE/CAD Methodologies for Concept Stages of New Vehicle Development (R. Chaney, Director of Pre Sales and Software Support, Detroit Engineered Products)
Sponsor Case StudyMulti-Objective Optimization for Cost and NVH Performance (A. Barnard, Application Engineer, ESTECO North America Inc)
Sponsor Case StudyEnabling Democratization By Engineers, For Engineers (J. Aldred, Vice President, Product Management, HBM Prenscia nCode)
Sponsor Case StudyBMW Case Study: MBD – Nonlinear FEA Cosimulation for Analyzing Extreme Load Cases (Y. Fan, , MSC Software)
Sponsor Case StudyTop Five Mistakes Companies Make When Adopting Cloud Computing for CAE (R. Mach, Principal, TotalCAE)
Sponsor Case StudyPredictive Modeling for INDYCAR’s Driver-in-the-Loop Aerodynamic Simulators (M. Shaxted, Founder & President, Parallel Works)