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How to get Started with Simulation Data Management

How to get Started with Simulation Data Management



Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) is a technology deployed by high performance industrial organisations since the year 2000 to build and maintain the Digital Thread of the data used, and the decisions taken, to predict the performance and lifetime of engineered products. The records in an SDM solution enable these companies to rapidly stand up a functional Digital Twin of an actual product to support manufacturing or operations. These organisations use SDM to assure the quality of simulations, provide traceability of results and increase engineering throughput.


While the business impact of the successful adoption of SDM and SPDM within mainstream product development has been impressive, many organisations have struggled with the adoption of a variety of information systems to manage simulation data. The Simulation Data Management Working Group therefore commissioned a publication to disseminate best practice regarding the adoption of Simulation Data Management.

This webinar summarised the material in the upcoming NAFEMS publication “How to get Started with Simulation Data Management”. After a brief description of the key aspects of SDM and SPDM solutions and an update on the state of the art in industry after 2 decades of deployments of commercial solutions, it described how to approach an SDM project and achieve a first successful SDM deployment. It described how to develop an SDM strategy and justify an SDM project, how to identify a project manager, how to prepare to engage with stakeholders within the organisation and with potential solution vendors, how to identify the capabilities your organisation will require, running a proof of concept and building a project plan for a first deployment. It also describes common pitfalls to avoid.


Due to a technical issue with WebEx the presentation recording is not available. Mark presented on a similar topic at the NAFEMS Americas CAASE20 Conference and this presentation is available to view using this link.




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About the speaker

Mark Norris

Mark Norris works with industrial organisations to accelerate the deployment of SPDM and ensure project success. He is currently advising several Aerospace OEMs on SPDM solution selection and implementation. He is the author of the NAFEMS White Paper: Business Value from Simulation Data Management – A decade of production experience and 10’s of papers, articles and presentations to international conferences on SPDM and SPDM deployment. He co-developed and delivers the NAFEMS Simulation Data Management training workshop. He has also developed an open-source SPDM framework to demonstrate the core concepts of SPDM and so facilitate learning and understanding, which was presented in a paper at NAFEMS World Congress 2019.

He began his engineering career developing a method for the simulation of crack propagation in aircraft structures for which he received the N.E.Rowe medal of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has 40 years of experience of consulting and implementation of information systems for industrial companies. These include Simulation, Computer Aided Design, EDM, PDM, PLM and Simulation Data Management. He has delivered projects for companies in the sectors of Aerospace, Defence, Gas Turbines, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Industrial machinery and consumer goods.