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NAFEMS UK Conference 2020

Inspiring Innovation through Engineering Simulation

NAFEMS UK Virtual Conference 2020

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Engineering simulation inspires innovation. We are part of a cutting-edge community, which stands at the centre of a rapidly evolving technological, and societal, landscape.

The 2020 NAFEMS UK Conference examined this change, covering topics ranging from traditional FEA and CFD, to new and emerging areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning and EDA.

We brought all those involved in analysis and simulation together, from every corner of industry and academia, giving you an opportunity to advance your knowledge, give your organisation a competitive advantage, and be part of improving the technology itself.

The simulation community came together between the 9th and 10th of November 2020.


Keynote Speakers

Workshop & Special Sessions

Sheet Metal Formability – Material Properties, Failure and Simulation
Trevor Dutton, Dutton Simulation

This workshop is intended to assist all those involved in the design of sheet metal components to identify the key material properties and potential failure modes during manufacture. The session will demonstrate how CAE methods can be used to simulate the manufacturing method in order to identify any potential problems with the process and establish if part design changes are required.

Workshop Topics – Part 1:

  • Introduction to sheet metal forming processes
  • Characterisation of sheet metal material properties for use in simulation
  • Definition of process failure

Workshop Topics – Part 2:

  • Discussion of the different materials used in sheet metal forming
  • Description of how materials are tested to establish the required material parameters
  • Application of simulation with an example using the Forming Limit Test

Grains to Properties: Calculating Bulk Scale Behaviour from Microstructure
The NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group

Modern engineering uses material design to obtain advantageous properties for challenging applications. This material design is underpinned by advanced simulation methods that use knowledge of the microstructure of the materials to predict the bulk-scale material response. This session will focus on one such technique, crystal plasticity finite element analysis, and will serve as an introduction to what it does and how it can be used.

Invited Speakers

High-Fidelity CFD for the Automotive and Motorsport Sectors in the Cloud
Dr Neil Ashton, Amazon Web Services

Recent Developments in Modelling Techniques to Study Surface Interactions in Tribology
Professor Daniele Dini, Imperial College London

European Materials Modelling Council
Dr Gerhard Goldbeck, Goldbeck Consulting

Torsional Stiffness Simulation of Metallic Disc Membrane Couplings Considering Pre-Stretch and Post-Buckling Behaviour
Murat Islam, John Crane UK Ltd.

Innovation through Engineering Simulation - A Rolls-Royce Perspective
Dr Akin Keskin, Rolls-Royce

Digital Twin : Myth or Reality?
Dr. Prashant Khapane, Jaguar Land Rover

Using Optimisation in the Design of the RWUAS Air Vehicle Structure
Gordon Mackenzie, Leonardo Helicopters













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