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Dr Michael Foale CBE - Former NASA Astronaut

Dr. Michael Foale CBE

Dr. Michael Foale CBE

NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander

Mike was the first British-born NASA Astronaut and has been into space on 6 missions. His experience includes; being Commander of the International Space Station, bringing the Hubble Space Telescope back to life and having a major role in saving the Russian ‘Mir’ Space Station as it tumbled out of control around the Earth, following the only collision in outer-space. He has had a range of senior roles in NASA that include having been the Deputy Administrator at NASA HQ, Chief of the Astronaut Office Expedition Corps and Assistant Director of the Johnson Space Centre. Mike held the record for the number of days spent in space.


Saving the Russian Mir Space Station : The Role of Computerised Simulation

Michael will take the audience through being assigned to the Russian Space Agency, his training in Russia and returning to Houston to launch the Mir. This will be followed by life on the Mir, the collision (the worst space accident in history), saving the space station and his use of computer simulation.