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Simulating Metals - Challenges and Limitations

Simulating Metals - Challenges and Limitations



Finite Element software has been extensively used over many decades to simulate the behaviour of metallic engineering structures with impressive accuracy. However, when simulating metal applications involving highly non-linear features such as extensive plasticity, very high temperatures and material damage, the analyst should keep in mind that there are limitations to the capabilities of the simulation software in representing these problems. In such cases, the accuracy of the Finite Element solutions must be questioned and, whenever possible, verified against experimental test data.

Professor Becker presented an overview of Finite Element simulations of some advanced non-linear metal behaviour involving plasticity, creep, welding and damage. The webinar highlighted the potential challenges faced by the Finite Element analyst and the limitations of Finite Element software.




Note: The presentation and recording are only available to NAFEMS members.



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This webinar was available for free to the engineering analysis community, as part of NAFEMS' efforts to bring the community together online.

About the Speaker

Professor Adib Becker

Professor Adib Becker is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Nottingham. He has been Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham since 2001 until his retirement in 2019. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a founder-member of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Scheme.

He has 40 years of experience in advanced computational mechanics techniques and has supervised many externally-funded research projects supported by the UK research councils, EU and industry. He has published over 275 external publications in the open literature, including 141 international journal papers and 4 textbooks; on Boundary Element Methods (McGraw-Hill 1992) and on Finite Element Methods (Wiley 2003; NAFEMS 2001 and 2013).

He has served as Chairman of the IMechE Structural Technology and Materials Committee and was a Member of the IMechE Professional Review Committee. He has also served on NAFEMS committees since 1992, and is the Chairman of the NAFEMS Education and Training Committee and Chairman of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Scheme Board. He has delivered, over the last 25 years, many short courses on Finite Element Analysis aimed at practising engineers.