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Harnessing the Power of Modelling & Simulation in the Food & Drinks Industry Webinar

NAFEMS Food and Drink Industry Community

Harnessing the Power of Modelling & Simulation in the Food & Drinks Industry


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Globally, the food and drinks industry is worth over $5 trillion annually. That’s more than both the automotive and oil & gas industries. The processes and technologies involved are complex and interlinked – engineering modelling and simulation (M&S) can be crucial in many of these processes. From equipment design to product manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, simulation can help to optimize every step of the process, saving time, money, and resources: M&S can transform the way you work and innovate.

NAFEMS’ newly formed Food and Drink Industry Community (FDIC) members gave a unique insight into application of modelling and simulation within the food and drinks business, provided guidance on ways-of-working towards solving food and drinks industry specific problems, and introduced delegates to the community during their first webinar.

The webinar was a prequel to a face-to-face event being held in the Autumn in Birmingham, UK where the FDIC will bring together simulation users throughout this wide-ranging economic sector. The group will share experiences, examine and solve unique industry-specific problems, and create a vibrant community of analysts and designers to drive the technology forward in the world of food and drinks.


  • I​ntroduction to Food and Drinks Industry Community [02:49]
    S​tacie Tibos, Pepsi Co
  • What is engineering/physics based simulation? [10:47]
    Sunil Rama, Mondelez
  • Complex materials and multiscale models [21:42]
    M​aria Charalambides, Imperial College London
  • The benefits of modelling and simulation to an organisation [31:12]
    E​dward Throp, Mondelez
  • The importance of calibration, validation & inline sensors etc. [47:00]
    Michael Adams, University of Birmingham
  • Overview of follow on, autumn seminar [40:25]
    Stacie Tibos, Pepsi Co
  • D​iscussion and Q&A [51:25]


This webinar was available for free to the engineering analysis community, as part of NAFEMS' efforts to bring the community together online.

About our speakers

T​his webinar was brought you by the NAFEMS Food & Drinks Industry Community and the members will be speaking at this event.


T​hank you to our co-sponsors ...

Institution of Chemical Engineers


The Food & Drink Special Interest Group of the Institution of Chemical Engineers provides a community for anyone with an interest in this complex and diverse industry sector, whatever their background. Their mission is to ‘Empower Food & Drink Engineering Professionals’ by promoting the profile of food engineering, supporting member’s professional development, advocating sustainable practises and developing networks to support the profession.

The IMechE Food and Drink Engineering Committee (FDEC) covers the entire food and drink supply chain from producer to consumer, with particular concern for the engineering related aspects, but also the economic, social, environmental and political contexts within which the sector functions.

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