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How to Enable Complex Simulations: The Power of Multiphysics & Digital Thread

How to Enable Complex Simulations: The Power of Multiphysics & Digital Thread

Tuesday 17 October 2023 | Milwaukee, WI | Seminar

Nothing in engineering modeling and simulation is easy. As we get better at modeling reality, and it gets closer to being indistinguishable from the ‘real thing,’ it becomes apparent that the infinite intricacy of nature makes every model we try to create more complex. We are building more complex models with more powerful software and hardware than ever – we can’t rely on the same tools and methods as before.

These complex problems can only be solved using all the engineering and simulation disciplines we can access. It is not enough to “just use” CFD or FEA and call it a solution – if we are looking to accurately model the real world, we need to do more. Taking advantage of the digital thread and multiphysics solutions will enable us to ensure our simulations are good enough to see every product through its life cycle and cut through complexity.

Hear how other organizations are looking to tackle these problems, share your own experiences, and find real-world solutions, as NAFEMS hosts the end-user-focused seminar “How to Enable Complex Simulations: the Power of Multiphysics & Digital Thread” this October in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You will discover ways to tackle complex problems using cutting-edge technology, taking advantage of all the tools available to get you to the best solutions possible. Presentations will look at complexity, enabling a digital thread, credible simulation for the product lifecycle, multiphysics solutions, and more in this user-focused one-day event.

Presentations at the event

Please review this selection of presentations which we have been granted permission to share with you.



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The Vital Role of Machine Learning in Enhancing Simulations
Peter Chien - University of Wisconsin-Madison

An introduction to GE HealthCare and a review of model-based product development and delivery of precision care.
Marc Schaepkens - GE HealthCare


Machine Learning for Time Consuming or Complex Simulations
Gavin Jones - Smart UQ

Optimization of Tailpipe NOx Sampling Device Geometry for Improved NOx Sensing Accuracy
Zachary Bryant - Cummins Emissions Solutions

A Digital Thread Methodology to Optimize Continuous Casting Tundish based on Integrated Fluid -thermal- Structural Analysis
Dr. Christian Windisch - Siemens Digital Industries Software

An Enabling Platform for Achieving Multiscale Multiphysics Analysis of Multiphase Materials
Steven M. Arnold - NASA

Intelligent Automated Design Exploration for Thermal Design of a Motor Drive Inverter Combining High Fidelity Loss Generation of the Power Electronics with CFD of Liquid and Air Cooling
Dheeraj Vemula - Altair

How to Understand Interactions Between the Mechanical System and Electrical Control of a Motor Drive Using Full Fidelity Electrical and Mechanical Simulators
Dheeraj Vemula - Altair

UnCorked: The Forces for Pulling a Cork – Load Reconstruction
T​im Hunter - Wolf Star Technologies

A Perspective on the Adoption of Digital Engineering Within an Enterprise
M​att Ladzinski - Ansys

Developing a Greener America by Embracing Complexity and Fighting the State-of-the-Art Inertia.
Pierre Lacerte - OPSUN

An Enabling Platform for Achieving Multiscale Multiphysics Analysis of Multiphase Materials
Steve Arnold - NASA

Simulating the effect of incremental layering on the shrinkage stress of dental resin-composite restorations
Daniel Larrañaga-Ordaz - Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics, School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota

Using Digital Thread to Demonstrate Load Prediction in Finite Element Analysis Workshop
Michael C. Sevier and Timothy Hunter - Milwaukee School of Engineering

Power of Multiphysics & Digital Thread




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