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How Do You Know if you are Executing the Right Simulations at the Right Time?

Systems Modeling & Simulation Community Meeting

How Do You Know if you are Executing the Right Simulations at the Right Time?

Tuesday 13 June 2023 | Online

16:00 GMT (London) | 17:00 CET (Berlin)
08:00 PST (Los Angeles) | 11:00 EST (New York)

Coupling the MBSE technical processes, such as requirement specifications, architecture definitions, and identification of the verification procedures, to the CAE work planning process provides guidance and direction to the analytical simulation workload. This in turn, enables each simulation effort to be focused and have a greater value to the project in which it is being conducted. The end goal with having the MBSE processes providing input to the simulation workload is that the simulation effort is focused on answering a specific question using the appropriate level of fidelity at each product development milestone. In this presentation, I will summarize the benefits of coupling the MBSE processes to a CAE request system within a product development company. I will describe what specific MBSE processes can be used as input to the CAE work planning, outlining how they can be coupled in a very practical manner. I will also talk about the iterative nature of these two engineering methods over the product development timeline. I will do this through an example of what this would look like within a product development process using a fictitious company that manufactures sprint karts.


  • Opening of Meeting: Peter Coleman - Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group Chair
  • Presentation Topic: “How Do You Know if you are Executing the Right Simulations at the Right Time?” Presenter: Greg Garsteck - GMS
  • A​dditional Topic: Update on the activities from the Terms & Definition Focus Team; Greg Garstecki, GMS

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Peter Coleman - Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group Chair




Greg Garstecki

Greg Garstecki - Garstecki Modeling Solutions