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​​Systems Engineering has recognized the importance of models in a wide range of roles. Early in the development of a system, models may be used to understand the user domain, to define functions and concepts, and to capture system requirements across the levels of a system architecture. Such models may specify functional, interface, performance, and physical requirements, as well as other non-functional requirements such as reliability, maintainability, safety, and security. Engineering Simulation has been an essential part of product development engineering across many industries and disciplines for decades. This work is typically performed by technical specialists with deep knowledge in their respective domains, and with expertise in specialized mathematical and analytical tools. Combining the modeling and simulation perspectives of both Systems Engineering and Engineering Simulation can improve communications and coordination across the product development life cycle.

The Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) is a collaboration between NAFEMS (The International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community) and INCOSE (the International Council on Systems Engineering). The mission of the SMSWG is to develop a vendor-neutral, end-user driven consortium that not only promotes the advancement of the technology and practices associated with integration of engineering simulation and systems engineering, but also acts as the advisory body to drive strategic direction for technology development and international standards in the space of complex engineering.

The SMSWG communicates to the wider engineering community via the Systems Modeling and Simulation Community. The SMS Community consists of individuals who are either NAFEMS or INCOSE members who have an interest in the topic of Systems Modeling and Simulation but who are not necessarily experts in this area. The SMSWG organizes meetings with the SMS Community to keep them informed of developments in the field of SMS and to keep members of the SMS Community abreast of SMSWG activities. Visit the SMS Community webpage for more information.


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The SMSWG is composed of experts in the area of SMS who contribute their time and knowledge on a voluntary basis. Members of the SMSWG are responsible for identifying the outputs and directing the activities of the working group and the associated SMS Community.

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