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How to Effectively Communicate Innovative Ideas

How do I make sure management understand my results?
How can I present technical information to non-technical colleagues?
How do I make my conference presentation really stand-out?

Get the answers to these questions and more with this transformative course.

Using techniques and materials which have been adopted by many of the major companies in the engineering analysis and simulation industry, this course will supercharge your communication skills and give you a unique advantage.

How to Effectively Communicate Innovative Ideas

You’re the expert. The thing is, many of the people making final decisions on hardware and software investments, and signing-off your final designs, are not. You need to be able to communicate your ideas and conclusions in a way that everyone will understand, not just those in the know.

Turning up with a PowerPoint deck full of equations isn’t enough. You need to show your information in a relatable, real life context in order to help your audience understand what you’re saying, and enable them to confidently make solid, informed decisions at the end.

Historically, colorful graphics and snappy acronyms have been the engineer’s go-to, but in today’s information rich environment, you need to go beyond informing. You need to persuade.

This course will help you become world class at constructing and delivering messages that help others make decisions. You will learn how to deliver clear, compelling and concise communications, even for very complex ideas. You’ll become what we call an “Articulate Engineer.”

Still not sure if this course would be helpful to you? Watch this two-minute summary video.

You can either attend the live sessions or take the course on-demand at your leisure.

NAFEMS gives you real, practical knowledge that you can use day-to-day.

What will you learn?

This course will help you deal with complex ideas and communicate your point of view so people can take action. It will help you to

  • Improve your ability to communicate a complicated topic.
  • Help others make decisions based on your recommendations.
  • Keep people awake while you are going over your analysis results.
  • Become more memorable.
  • Become better at deciding how much to say and how much NOT to say.


Who should attend?

  • Past course attendees include Account Managers, Technical Sales, Application Engineers, Analysts, R&D Managers, Executives, and more. If you need to communicate complex subject with anyone else, this course is for you.

Course Process and Details

Students will join the audio portion of the meetings by utilizing the VoIP (i.e. headset connected to the computer via headphone and microphone jacks) or by calling into a standard toll line. If you are interested in additional pricing to call-in using a toll-free line, please send an email to:

Course Program

The 4-session course offers guidance on what you need to get to the point and help people make decisions even when dealing with complex topics.

You can attend the sessions live, and/or by listening to the recordings, which will be made available shortly after the end of each session.


Get started thinking about a real situation where you need to deliver your point of view.

Session 1: So, What?

Why should they care? We need to work on making sure this is valuable for your audience.

Session 2: Your Point of View

What is your point of view? How can we put this into context and help our audience have the right perception?

Session 3: Sense of Urgency & Proof Points

We need to prove to them that it is for real. Some proof is better than others. Let’s decide what is the best proof for your situation.

Session 4: Bring it All Together

What’s the recommended order of the Ingredients of Persuasion? What if you have multiple topics?


Event Type Training Course
Member Price £407.77 | $525.00 | €483.83
Non-member Price £563.11 | $725.00 | €668.15
Tutor: Brian O'Keefe


Start Date End Date Location

Session Times


Four-Session Online Training Course

2 hours per session
PDH Credits - 8

Attend the live sessions, or view the recordings at your convenience.


Please click here to view the FAQ section, or if you need to contact NAFEMS about this course.


What are students saying?

“In the field of technical analysis, we might forget how important it is to transform our complex ideas into strong, receptible messages fitted to our audience. This course highlights the most important aspects and steps of this process. I truly recommend everyone who would like to deliver fascinating and effective technical presentations to attend this course.”

- Balázs D.

“As a career analyst, basic FEA work is straightforward and our internal customers “get-it” for routine components. However, it is much more challenging to explain how we can leverage more advanced methods to improve our simulation processes to create better designs. I intend to use the strategies learned in this course to help sell why my ideas are worth pursuing and obtain the time and budget to develop the improvements.”

- Ryan H.

“This course challenged my preconceptions of how technical staff should communicate innovative ideas and information. It has given me an approach to make messaging the key to my communication format and style, allowing me to better tailor proposals towards customer requirements, and to better engage an audience using their point of view. The course also provides a useful workbook tool to support me in the future.”

- Joshua M.


"Facts and figures are what count. Not at all, the way we present them to our counterpart plays an essential role, if not the most important one. The method from this course on how to systematically approach the presentation of complex issues will certainly help me a lot in one or the other upcoming presentation.”

- Martin K.