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VMAP Presentations & Workshop

2024 NAFEMS DACH Conference

Workshop and presentations:
The VMAP Standard for vendor-neutral CAE Data Storage

The lack of software standards in virtual engineering workflows and incompatible interfaces for the transfer of simulation data not only cause additional costs and complex manual adaptation but also lead to inflexible IT solutions, loss of information and significant delays in the overall design process. The standardisation of data interfaces in CAE is therefore vital for all industry segments where simulation processes are central to the product and process design. The VMAP CAE Data Standard was initially developed by a consortium of 29 partners from industry, software domain, and academia to enable the storage of simulation results in an open and vendor neutral format. The VMAP Standardisation Community is actively discussing further extensions of the standard:

  • Full Model Data for a Restart of Simulation Runs
  • Handling Data from Online Sensor Systems and Physical Experimental
  • Integrating VMAP based simulation Workflows into manufacturing Digital Twins
  • and in more general enabling better interoperability between simulation and overall PLM systems

The requirement analysis and the extension of the VMAP standard specifications will be driven by small test cases and realistic use cases from industry. The aim of this workshop/presentations is to discuss the needs and possibilities of such extensions together with user experts from different industry sectors and developers from software companies. The workshop will be open for any interested party and engineer.

VMAP will be moderated by members of the VMAP e.V.