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Engineering Simulation in Electronics Conference

Engineering Simulation in Electronics


Engineering Simulation in Electronics Conference

06:30 – 10:30 (Los Angeles) | 09:30 – 13:30 (New York)
14:30 – 18:30 (London) | 15:30 – 19:30 (Berlin)

C​all for Presentations Open

A​bstract submission deadline: 10 September 2024 - S​peakers take part free of charge.


In today's fast-paced world, electronic products are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The conference focuses on the pivotal role of simulation in electronic design, development, and innovation. From circuit-level to full 3D simulations, we explore the entire spectrum of electronic simulation technologies.

RF Electronic Simulations

Join us in exploring the challenges and breakthroughs of simulating high-frequency electronic systems. We're seeking presenters to share their latest techniques in modeling and analyzing designs. Share your experiences and discoveries in optimizing performance in the dynamic world of high-frequency electronics.

EMC Simulations

Present your insights on seamlessly integrating circuit-level simulations to full 2D/3D simulations with a focus on electromagnetic compatibility. Share how this approach accelerates design processes and ensures flawless integration by addressing electromagnetic interferences.

Power Integrity Simulations

We're calling for experts in power integrity simulations to share their knowledge on ensuring electronic designs meet rigorous power delivery requirements. Showcase your contributions to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power distribution networks and guide us through the optimization of power delivery for modern electronic systems.

Signal Integrity Simulations

We're on the lookout for presenters to share their expertise in analyzing and optimizing signal transmission within complex circuits. Showcase advanced simulation techniques, ensuring superior signal quality and elevating overall system reliability. Share your insights and be a part of shaping the future of robust and high-performance electronic systems.

This is an unmissable opportunity to connect with your fellow electronics simulation practitioners.


Submit your abstract today!

We would like to invite members and non-members of NAFEMS to present their work and visions. Please submit your abstract online - see menu - before 10 September. S​peakers take part free of charge.

There is no requirement for a complete paper, however presenters are asked to submit an extended abstract providing some additional pictures and diagrams to illustrate the presentation prior to the event.

S​ubmit Your Abstract Here

F​or any questions, please get in touch with



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Member Price £146.96 | $189.84 | €175.00
Non-member Price £272.92 | $352.56 | €325.00
Credit Price Free when using 2 Member Credits


Start Date End Date Location
09 Dec 202410 Dec 2024Online, Online