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The (digital) Hype

Digital. Digitisation.
They’re not exactly new phrases.

The modelling & simulation community has been ‘digital’ for some time. Is it the new “i” in front the “phone/pad/watch”? Does using the word “digital” make it new and shiny? Or is there something behind the buzzwords?

The concepts of Cloud Technology, the Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 are becoming embedded in everything we do. But instead of pulling them together under a “digital” name-tag, we need to look beyond the headlines and start discussing, defining and explaining them in the context of the engineering simulation community. And that’s where NAFEMS comes in.


We’ll be looking beyond The Hype, leading up to the 2019 World Congress in Quebec, and exploring (and perhaps bracing ourselves for) the huge impact that these technologies are expected to have on the engineering industry of tomorrow.

Don’t believe The Hype. Or believe it. The choice is yours.