Outstanding Project Award

Engineering Simulation Techniques: Outstanding Project Award 2019/2020

Awarded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
(IMechE) and NAFEMS 


In recognition of the importance of the University Sector to the advancement of numerical simulation, and to encourage undergraduate students to work in these fields, the IMechE and NAFEMS have established a new student competition! The award is aimed at those studying an undergraduate degree that is accredited by the IMechE, and who are completing a project that involves the use of engineering simulation techniques such as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics or multi-body dynamics, boundary element method, programming software, spreadsheets etc..


Please note that this initiative is jointly organised by the Structural Technology and Materials Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - STMG and the NAFEMS UK Steering Committee.


Congratulations to our 2018/19 winners:

1st Prize to Daniel Kelshaw, The University of Manchester

Project entitled “Neural Networks Machine Learning Coupled to Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerodynamic Design”

2nd Prize to Rami Cassia, The University of Manchester

Project entitled “Development & Test of a Composite Morphing Aerofoil”

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