Student Award Winners

The first prize will consist of a £1000 cash prize and £500 second prize, with an award and a certificate and the winning student will be invited to attend an IMechE or NAFEMS event, to be presented with the prize. Registration at the event and travel expenses will also be covered.

Please note that this initiative is organised by the Structural Technology and Materials Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, please visit the STMG webpage for further details of the group and NAFEMS UK Steering Committee, please visit the UKSC webpage for further details of the group.

C​ongratulations to our 2022/2023 winners:

1st Prize to Saffron Pougher from University of Oxford

“Bubbles and Streaks Under Breaking Ocean Waves”

2nd Prize to James Sterling from Queen's University Belfast

“Finite Element Modelling of Damage and the Resultant Reduction in Mechanical Strength in Composite Battery Enclosures resulting from Battery Thermal Runaway”

Congratulations to our 2021/22 winners:

1st Prize to Aimee Bridges, Queen’s University Belfast

“Assessing the Effects of Seawater Aging on Marine Structures Subjected to Impact Loading

2nd Prize to Thomas Chiu, University of Manchester

“Buckling Analysis of Defective Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Finite Element Analysis”

Congratulations to our 2020/21 winners:

1st Prize to Oliver Baker, Lancaster University

'Design, Simulation, and Performance Analysis of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine for Urban Environments’

2nd Prize to Sam Morris, Loughborough University

‘Thermal Modelling of Wet Clutches for Multispeed Powertrains’

Congratulations to our 2019/20 winners:

1st Prize to Giulia Creed, The University of Surrey

'Simulation of Peristalsis’

2nd Prize to Jonathan Jamison, Queens University Belfast

‘Evaluating the Potential for Simulation of Formula Student Events in IPG CarMaker’

Congratulations to our 2018/19 winners:

1st Prize to Daniel Kelshaw, The University of Manchester

'Neural Networks Machine Learning Coupled to Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerodynamic Design'

2nd Prize to Rami Cassia, The University of Manchester

'Development & Test of a Composite Morphing Aerofoil'


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