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Quality Management in Engineering Simulation - A Primer for NAFEMS QSS

The purpose of this Primer is to explain and elaborate on the requirements of NAFEMS QSS 001:2007 [1], which is a supplement to quality standard ISO 9001:2000 [2] specialised for applications in engineering simulation. It is intended that the Primer is not industry or application specific.

The Primer can be used to assist organisations in developing and implementing a quality management system, or in adapting to, or integrating with, an existing quality system. With the aid of the Primer, an organisation should be able to develop a quality management system either for internal application or for self- or third-party certification, as required, without undue reference to either ISO 9001 or QSS 001. For the purposes of clarity and completeness, the guidance given in this Primer exceeds the requirements stated in the ISO standard and the QSS.

The Primer begins with a brief overview of the engineering simulation process in Chapter 1, and proceeds in Chapter 2 to address various aspects of quality management including standards, systems and certification. Quality management principles, project processes and procedures, are discussed in Chapter 3. From Chapter 4 onwards, the structure of the Primer aligns with the clauses of ISO 9001 and QSS 001 in order to support their interpretation and application.

The clauses of QSS 001 are included in the text at appropriate locations, where they are indented and italicised. All references given in these sections refer to QSS 001.

Appendices A to C relate to QSS 001 and refer to simulation categories of importance, personnel competence, and QSS terms and definitions. ISO 9000 terms and definitions are presented in Appendix D.

Minor amendments to the QSS, documented on QSS Errata 01/07/08, were incorporated in the relevant sections of this Primer.


 1.       Introduction to Engineering Simulation

1.1          Introduction
1.2          Summary of the engineering simulation process
1.3          Preparatory processes
1.4          Mathematical modelling
1.5          Numerical approximation
1.6          Sources of error
1.7          Model validation

2.       Introduction to Quality Management

2.1          Quality management standards for engineering simulation
2.2          Engineering simulation projects
2.3          Overview of ISO 9000 quality management
2.4          Quality management systems
2.5          Quality management systems in engineering simulation
2.6          Third party quality certification

3.       Project Processes and Requirements

3.1          Quality management principles
3.2          Project processes
3.3          Project procedures
3.4          Equipment
3.5          Reporting
3.6          Project quality planning

4.       Quality Management System Requirements

4.1          General requirements
4.2          Documentation requirements

5.       Management Responsibility Requirements

5.1          Management commitment
5.2          Customer focus
5.3          Quality policy
5.4          Planning
5.5          Responsibility, authority and communication
5.6          Management review

6.       Resource Management Requirements

6.1          Provision of resources
6.2          Human resources
6.3          Infrastructure
6.4          Work environment

7.       Product Realisation Requirements

7.1          Planning of product realisation
7.2          Customer related processes
7.3          Design and development
7.4          Purchasing
7.5          Production and service provision
7.6          Control of monitoring and measuring devices

8.       Measurement Analysis and Improvement Requirements

8.1          General
8.2          Monitoring and measurement
8.3          Control of nonconforming product
8.4          Analysis of data
8.5          Improvement



Appendix A: QSS 001 Simulation categories of importance

Appendix B : QSS 001 Personnel competence

Appendix C: QSS 001 Terms and definitions.

Appendix D: ISO 9000 Terms and definitions


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J.M. Smith

First Published - January 2009

Hardback, A5, 161 Pages