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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
Topology Optimisation in CFD: Use of Innovative Techniques for Design Support in the IndustryBrugiere. OPresentationCFD-Numerics
State of the Art DES Methods and Perspectives for Automated ProcessesMockett. CPresentationCFD Software E&F GmbH
The Role of Simulation Governance in the Democratization of Simulation Through Sim Apps Used in the A&D IndustryActis. RPresentationESRD
A non-linear global-local analysis using superelementsWind. J Brauner. LPresentationAarhus University
3D Thermo-Mechanical Model Based Simulation of the Welding of Thermosplastic Composite Tape using Automated Tape Laying (ATL) ProcessKergomard. Y Dufort. L Satheesh. B Schledjewski. R Leoben. MPresentationESI Group Montanuniversitat Leoben
Effet De L'heterogeneite Des Carbures Sur La Resistance A La Rupture Fragile De L'acier 16mnd5Berveiller. M Blatman. G Latourte. F Decatoire. RPresentationEDF R&D PHIMECA
Application of an Evolutionary Algorithm to Optimize Continuous Fiber Patches in Hybrid Fiber Composite StructuresFengler. B Karger. L Hrymak. A Henning. FPresentationKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Optimisation topologique, application à la fabrication additive, retours sur projets divers, prise en compte des contraintes de fabricationDuysinx. PPresentationUniversité de Liège
Optimisation multi niveaux de pièces en composites thermoplastiques (procédé QSP)PresentationCetim et ONERA
Nonlinear Random Vibration FEA of an automotive display Kumar. SPresentationContinental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd