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How to Demonstrate Design Code Compliance using FEAPrinja. NPresentationAMEC Foster Wheeler
The Elevation of Simulation in the EnterpriseJackson. CPresentationLifecycle Insights
Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & ReuseJenkins. B Desai. R Scola. TPresentationOra Research American-Axle & Manufacturing NASA Langley
Multiscale Modelling - Bridging Different ScalesWright. LPresentationNational Physical Laboratory
The Importance of Numerical Analysis for Understanding Rock Slope BehaviourBarla. GWebinarChongqing University
Finite Element Analyses in design of Foundations and Anchors for Offshore StructuresAndresen. L Lees. AWebinarNorwegian Geotechnical Institute Geofem
Approche Multi-Echelles Et Multi-Physiques: Nouveaux Defis De La Simulation Numerique Des Procedes De Mise En Forme Et Des Traitements AssociesMassoni. E Hachem. E Bellet. M Bouchard. P Barnacki. MPresentationCemef
Challenges In Robust Design Of Composite Architectured MaterialsSwiergiel. N Petiot. CPresentationAirbus
Configuring Instead Modeling: A New Finite Element Pre-Processor With Integrated KnowledgeDadalau. APresentationMeshParts
FEM Idealisation of JointsHopkins. PPublication