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Computational Analysis of Spray Injection Inside Quench TowerKalata. W Brown. K Schick. RPaperSpraying Systems Co.
Finite Element Vibro-Acoustic Simulation of Roll-Formed Steel Studs in Partition WallsArjunan. A Yahiaoui. K Wang. C English. MPaperUniversity of Wolverhampton University of Sussex Hadley Industries PLC
Acoustic Finite Element Model Validation of Vehicle Interior Cabin From Acoustic Mode and Transfer FunctionHwang. K Choi. S Genechten. B Jeon. J Brechlin. EPaperHyundai Motor Company Siemens Industry Software
Simulating Sound Transmission Loss Through Aircraft Fuselage Panels: An Update on Recent Technology EvolutionsPeiffer. A Moser. C Langhe. K Boeykens. RPaperAirbus SIEMENS PLM Software
Noise Propagation From Vibrating StructuresHelfrich. R Spriegel. MPaperINTES GmbH
Improvements of an Air-Liquid Interface In-Vitro Testing Method for Inhalable Compounds using CFD-MethodsBrodbeck. C Ritter. D Knebel. JPaperFraunhofer Institute SCAI Fraunhofer Institute ITEM
Piston Secondary Motion Analysis As Key Factor For Successful Piston DevelopmentMeske. R Kleinlein. C Leclair. TPresentationFederal-Mogul Nurnberg
Thermisch gekoppelte Analysen mit komplexen MaterialmodellenAchenbach. MPresentationSachverstandigenburo Achenbach
Validierung Finiter-Elemente- Berechnungen des Rad-Schiene- Normalkontakts mit Probabilistischen SimulationenDoerner. F Schindler. CPresentationRWTH Aachen
Untersuchungen zur Topologieoptimierung von FrequenzproblemenHarzheim. LPresentationAdam Opel