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Composite Optimization Techniques in Airbus Defence and SpaceMartin. JPresentationAirbus
The Path to Simulation DemocratizationGjerek. BPresentationDanfoss Trata d.o.o.
Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIMLᵀᴹ): Surrogate Models Providing Deeper Insights with Less DataGondipalle. SPresentationFront End Analytics LLC
The Digital Thread & SPDM: Will This Bring Simulation Out of the Shadows?Ganguli. J Mottola. EWebinarUnited Technologies Toyota Motor Europe
NASA-STD-5002; 1996: Load Analyses of Spacecraft and PayloadsStandardNASA
Wear Modeling of Brake Pad Due to Friction & Heat Generation between the Contacting SurfacesMaiti. SPresentationVIAS
Finding the Real Fatigue StrengthGróza. MWebinarNAFEMS
A Designers' Guide to CFDClapp. M Hendrickson. J Jamais. S Parry. JWebinar8020 Engineering ANSYS Cambridge Consultants Mentor
CAE in Support of Sustainability and DurabilityNAFEMS Nordic Steering CommitteeEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
How to Demonstrate Design Code Compliance using FEAPrinja. NPresentationAMEC Foster Wheeler