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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
Using Advanced FEA to Redefine ‘Failure’ for the White Rose Offshore PlatformFisk. JPresentation RecordingOve Arup Partnership International
A Modelling Framework for Directed Energy Deposition Additive ManufactureDing. JPresentation RecordingCranfield University
A Designers' Guide to CFDClapp. M Hendrickson. J Jamais. S Parry. JWebinar8020 Engineering ANSYS Cambridge Consultants Mentor
Finding the Real Fatigue StrengthGróza. MWebinarNAFEMS
How to Demonstrate Design Code Compliance using FEAPrinja. NPresentationAMEC Foster Wheeler
Scalable Linear Solvers for Computational Material Design of Filled RubbersHuelsmann. GPresentationFraunhofer SCAI
Optimization of the Ariane 5 Payload MembraneCarmena. MPresentationCITD
Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Analysis Applied to the Design of Advanced Aero EnginesKarl. APaperRolls-Royce Corporation
Let Simulation do the Design - FasterShimozono. MPaperINTES Japan K.K
Aerodynamic Analysis of Ventilation in Janggyeongpan-Jeon Using Finite Volume Approach on Adaptive Cartesian Mesh StructureSohn. IPresentationKISTI