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Composite Optimization Techniques in Airbus Defence and SpaceMartin. JPresentationAirbus
Optimization of the Ariane 5 Payload MembraneCarmena. MPresentationCITD
A Parametric Study of Selfdynamisable Internal Fixator Used in Femoral Fracture TreatmentKorunovic. N Trajanovic. M Mitkovic. MMagazine ArticleUniversity of Nis
Subject-Specific Twin Model of the Human Foot to Improve Foot and Ankle Surgery Stenti. A Fan. A-X Yi. S-Y Lété. E Leemrijse. T,Deleu. P-A Ferré. BMagazine ArticleDigital Orthopaedics Foot & Ankle Institute IM2S
Virtual Car Prototyping in Realistic Driving Environment: Examples of Deep Water CrossingBlondel. M Schäfer. M Trameçon. APaperESI Software
An Immersed Boundary Method for Calculating Complex Interactions of Volumetrically Resolved ParticlesBraschke. K Janoske. UPaperBergische Universität Wuppertal
Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & ReuseJenkins. B Desai. R Scola. TPresentationOra Research American-Axle & Manufacturing NASA Langley
Real Life AI @ SNCF:The Impact Of Vegetation On RailwayBegue. FPresentationSNCF
Chaining between Virtual Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping Numerical SolutionSlováček. MPresentationMecas ESI s.r.o
The Importance of Numerical Analysis for Understanding Rock Slope BehaviourBarla. GWebinarChongqing University