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The Three Paths of Modeling and Simulation RegulationWebinarKaizer. J
Simulation of Large Scale Assets Using Reduced Order ModelsWebinarKnezevic. D
Certification by Analysis in Healthcare – In Silico Tests/Trials of Medical Products for the Digital EraWebinarF Frangi. A. Myles. P
You can simulate what?PresentationRose. A Mendez. J
The Ongoing Simulation RevolutionPresentationGartzen. P
Digital Twin, building block of the Industrial MetaversePresentationMaillard. V
The Future for the Simulation ExpertPresentationTickel. B
Understanding the Path to Realizable Business Benefits through Engineering SimulationPresentationASSESS NAFEMS
Democratization of Engineering Simulation - How do we ensure democratized tools are reliable for use by non-CAE experts?PresentationASSESS NAFEMS
ASSESS Summit 2024 - Opening RemarksPresentationMorris. T