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The Role of Simulation Governance in the Democratization of Simulation Through Sim Apps Used in the A&D IndustryActis. RPresentationESRD
3D Thermo-Mechanical Model Based Simulation of the Welding of Thermosplastic Composite Tape using Automated Tape Laying (ATL) ProcessKergomard. Y Dufort. L Satheesh. B Schledjewski. R Leoben. MPresentationESI Group Montanuniversitat Leoben
Retours d'expérience et gains du projet SPDM StressAppsRimbault. VPresentationSafran Landing systems
PowerFLOW: Scale Resolving Simulations Based on a Lattice Boltzmann MethodDuda. BPresentationExa
Accelerating Cfd Workflow Using Gpus (& Particle Based Methods)Stanic. M Adami. SPresentationFluiDyna
Predizione della vita residua di componenti industriali ai fini della definizione di strategie di manutenzione predittivaBaraldi. PPresentationPolitecnico di Milano
Modelling and Optimising of Lightweight Rock Fall Catch-Fence for RailwaysAl-Budairi. HPresentationUniversity of Glasgow
Variability In Mechanical Properties Of ABS Parts Produced By Fused Deposition ModellingFaes. M Hooreweder. B Wang. Y Lava. P Moens. DPaperKU Leuven
Simulation-Driven Design of Traffic Control Devices to Meet Regulations and Road Safety ObjectivesDuval. P Bastien. HPaperCreaform - Ametek
Numerical Simulation and Improved Correlation Techniques for Low Energy Impact Detection and Damage Characterization with Elastic Waves on Composite StructuresOslé Dorremochea. E Sánchez-Iglesias. F García-Alonso. J Tejerina-Hernanz. R Iglesias-Vallejo. M Lorente. L García-Etxebarria. J Alonso-Fernández . DPaperAirbus Mathlas