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How To Do Seismic Analysis Using Finite ElementsCooper. P Hoby. P Prinja. NPublication
Why do Electromagnetic Finite Element AnalysisEllis. D Tang. KPublication
How To Analyse CompositesMarsden. W Irving. DPublication
Finite Element Analysis of Composite MaterialsTaig. IPublication
Selected Benchmarks for Material Non-linearity - Volume 1Linkens. DPublication
Finite Element Dynamics PrimerHitchings. DPublication
Composites Research on the RiseYancey. RMagazine ArticleAltair Engineering
Addressing Automotive Engineering Challenges in Composite Development by SimulationHack. M Farkas. L Liefooghe. C Bruyneel. M Sztatecsny. AMagazine ArticleSiemens PLM Software
A Practical and Reliable Solution for the Damage Analysis of Composite Structures, with Applications to AutomotiveBruyneel. M Lequesne. C Hack. M Magneville. B Urushiyama. Y Naito. TMagazine ArticleSiemens PLM Software Honda R&D
Background to Material Non-Linear BenchmarksBecker. APublication