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Automotive Exteriors: Etat D’avancement De La Simulation Du Formage De Pièces Composites AutomobilesPresentationEck. B Chambon. G
Influence De La Température Sur Le Joint À Lèvre / Approches Expérimentales Et NumériquesPresentationOmnes. B
Protéger les populations grâce à la population numériquePresentationFerry. M
1243 ADT Scraper Tail Validation ProjectPresentationMurphy. C Tanner. W
2-Way Coupled FSI Simulation for Reciprocating Compressor Reed ValvePaperRaju S. M
2040 Vision Study: An Enlargement of Model Based EngineeringPresentationArnold. S
3D Printing and Finite Element Analysis as a Tool to Optimize Weight and Performance in Plastic Automotive FixturesPaperPérez. C Zapata Hernández. O Orozco Hayek . E Alberto Bello Gomez . M
3D Scanning and Geometric Tolerance Investigation in Support of a Tooling Failure Analysis using Numerical SimulationPaperDuval. P
3D Thermo-Mechanical Model Based Simulation of the Welding of Thermosplastic Composite Tape using Automated Tape Laying (ATL) ProcessPresentationKergomard. Y Dufort. L Satheesh. B Schledjewski. R Leoben. M
5G Antenna Design for Mobile PhonesPresentationCosta. J