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NAFEMS Dach Magazine Issue 070MagazineRohwer. K
Become an Articulate Engineer - The Power of Persuasive CommunicationWebinarO'Keefe. B
Análisis de respuesta frente a sismo: de la definición de la acción a la respuesta estructuralWebinarÁlvarez. M J C
NAFEMS Dach Magazine Issue 069MagazineRohwer. K
ASSESS Initiative - Engineering Simulation Metadata SpecificationStandardASSESS NAFEMS
NAFEMS Dach Magazine Issue 068MagazineRohwer. K
Stretching the limits of MBD simulation modelsPresentationMorelle. P
Beyond Expectations: Harnessing Diverse Career Opportunities in SimulationWebinarPinon-Fischer. O Minasi. M Torres-Sánchez. C Woodham. K
CEMWG: The Computational Electromagnetics Working Group Electromagnetism at the Service of Multiphysics Engineering ApplicationsPresentationAlves. J
NAFEMS Dach Magazine Issue 067MagazineRohwer. K