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The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 1Ramsay. APublicationNAFEMS
Why Do Discrete Element AnalysisPeters. B Donoso. APublicationNAFEMS
How To Perform Linear Dynamics AnalysisAbbey. TPublicationNAFEMS
Simulation Verification and Validation for ManagersOberkampf. W Pilch. MPublicationNAFEMS
SimBest - High Value Manufacturing Modelling and Simulation Best PracticeDuffett. GPublicationNAFEMS
Why Do Manufacturing SimulationDutton. TPublicationNAFEMS CSMWG
Robust Design Optimzation in Virtual Product DevelopmentWill. J Most. T Kunath. SPublicationNAFEMS OWG
NAFEMS Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmarks - Volume 1Horvat. APublicationNAFEMS CFDWG
How To - Model Fluid Flow Systems: Computational Fluid Dynamics versus Fluid System SimulationKelsall. D Massey. S Hunt. D Iudicello. FPublicationNAFEMS CFDWG
The NAFEMS International Journal of Multiphysics Case Studies - Volume 1JournalNAFEMS MPWG