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Engineering Simulation Quality Management StandardSmith. JPublicationNAFEMS SGMWG
Engineering Simulation Quality Management GuidelinesSmith. JPublicationNAFEMS SGMWG
How To - Model Bolted and Riveted JointsWilliams. BPublicationNAFEMS CSMWG
International Journal of CFD Case StudiesMcGlinchey. DJournalNAFEMS CFDWG
A Designers' Guide to CFDClapp. MPublicationNAFEMS
How to Build and Manage Simulation Engineer CompetencyPrinja. NPublicationNAFEMS
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 2Ramsay. APublicationNAFEMS
Proceedings of the 2019 NAFEMS World CongressNAFEMSEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 1Ramsay. APublicationNAFEMS
Why Do Discrete Element AnalysisPeters. B Donoso. APublicationNAFEMS