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Community Universal Reference PatternsPresentationSchindel. B
Are the Real Time Simulation and Lattice Structure Generation Tools a Game Changer?PresentationVlahinos. A
DoES Theme: How do we enable interoperability at the process and embedded intelligence level?Presentation
Integration Theme: How do we leverage SPDM as an approach to enable better integration?Presentation
Significant Advances in Computational Simulation Workflow for National Security ApplicationsPresentationWitkowski. W
2040 Vision: A Roadmap for Integrated, Multiscale Materials and Structures Modeling and SimulationPresentationArnold. S
Plug and Play: Analysis and SimulationPresentationShapiro. V
Healthcare TrainingPresentationArmstrong. B
Credibility Theme: What does it take to establish external credibilityPresentation
Generative Theme: How do we enable Generative Design to support end-end processes from requirements to manufacturing?PresentationVlahinos. A