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The Path to Virtual Human PopulationsPresentationHester. R
ASSESS Congress 2022 - Opening RemarksPresentationWalsh. J
What are the requirements for co-simulation across differing levels of fidelity and application domains?Presentation
Credibility Theme: How do we facilitate crossing the chasm from confidence to credibility?Presentation
How do we embed the different forms of intelligence in the whole Engineering Simulation process/workflow?PresentationAlsaleh. M Gentzsch. W
How can we address/overcome the barrier of limited understanding/communication of realizable business value at decision level of management related to the value of Engineering Simulation?Presentation
An Update on the Unified Model Characteristics for Engineering Simulation (UMC4ES)PresentationWalsh. J
CAD-Centric Generative Design SystemsPresentationRobinson. T
How do we envision the role of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to improve the Generative Design Process in the design of high-performance products?Presentation
How can we effectively address variability, stochastics, and uncertainty in the standard simulation processes to increase Confidence?Presentation