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Certification by Analysis in Healthcare – In Silico Tests/Trials of Medical Products for the Digital EraWebinarF Frangi. A. Myles. P
A Vision for Computational EngineeringPresentationArthur. R
How to move from simulation to reduce physical testing to simulation to replace physical testing?PresentationStreather. G
A Computational Framework for Effectiveness Based Design - A US Air Force PerspectivePresentationKolonay. R
Unlock the Value of Simulation by Establishing Trust in Engineering SimulationsPresentationKarl. A
Tendances et évolutions de l'utilisation de la Simulation numérique pour l'Homologation dans l'automobile PresentationRegnier. S Lopez. F Mercier. G
Modelling & Simulation supporting Certification in the Aerostructures DomainPresentationDoeland. W
Introduction de la simulation numérique dans le process d’homologation des systèmes ferroviairesPresentationNguyen-Tajan. M
Aircraft seats dynamic tests: Certification By Analysis supported by tests PresentationDépierre. S
Contribution de la Simulation à la Qualification aux Séismes des Equipements NucléairesPresentationSollogoub. P