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Co-Simulation of Mechanical Systems in Non-smooth ProblemsPaperPeiret. A Gonzalez. F Kovecses. J Teichmann. M
Multi-physics Analysis of Frequency FiltersPaperEichler. J Beukman. T
Multi-physics Simulation for Nacelle Thrust Reverser Actuation System IntegrationPaperDevasigamani. N Sommerer. Y
The Emerging Key Role of 3D Simulation in the Full Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL)PaperNagy. D
2-Way Coupling FSI Simulation for Reciprocating Compressor Reed ValvePaperSopping. M Turaga. V Pradeep. AG
Blood Flow Modeling in a Beating Human Heart with Applications in Medical Device Design and Patient CarePaperD'Souza. K Butz. B Bianchi. M Ghosh. R Zietak. W Bluestein. D
Multiphysics Simulation of Lightning Strike on Carbon Fiber Composite MaterialPaperXu. W Goyal. D Gundu. K
Effective shape optimization using MPS particle method based CFD softwarePaperTokura. S
System Coupling: An Engineer for Advanced Multiphysics Co-SimulationPaperReuss. S Chimakurtha. S Wolfe. C
3D FSI Simulation, Validation and Model Reduction for Reed Valves in Automotive Refrigerant CompressorsPaperHenning. J Schwarze. R Heinrich. M