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Standardization Experiments for Quality Assurance of Engineering Simulations (Project STEERING)PresentationSantandrea. F
Challenges of Verification of FPSO Design ModificationPresentationIshchuk. O
Automating Simulation Processes for Squeak and Rattle Hot-Zone DetectionPresentationBayani. M
Wind Turbine Failure Analysis - Based on the Upcoming EN1993-1-14: Design Assisted by Finite Element AnalysisPresentationVan Dijk. I
Machine Learning in Feature Detection and Treatment of Automotive PartsPresentationFloratos. P
Use of FEA Simulation to Accurately Predict Material Flow in Compression MoldingPresentationSandberg. H F
CFD Application of Environmental Control for 3D PrintersPresentationHutchinson. M
Transitioning CAE Workloads to the Cloud in the Path to Digital MaturityPresentationTeixeiro. M
Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Response of Buried Pipelines using Different Finite Element MethodsPresentationBanushi. G
A Human Friendly Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification in Engineering SimulationsPresentationSantandrea. F