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Robust Optimization of the Magnet Size of a PMSM Considering Uncertainties in the Geometry and the Driving Cycle PresentationBontinck . Z
A Workflow for Decoupled FluidThermal Simulations Applied to the Cooling of Stator WindingsPresentationCorral . O
Reduced Order Model of an Electic Machine Including Fluid FlowPresentationAbramowski. C Fuger . R
Electrical Drives: Trends and Current Research Areas PresentationGerling . D
Development and Optimization of an Electric Motor for Small Aircraft by Co-Simulation of a Motor Design Software and CFDPresentationKott . J
E-motor Design Using Multiphysics OptimizationPresentationFredriksson. L Gruber. H Lombard. P Leconte. V Dreyer . A
Multiphysical Simulations during Development of Electric MotorsEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Multiphysics Modeling: Electro-Thermal Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Electrical VehiclesPresentationIlla. K Holst. S Anders. M Olthoff . J
Electric Drive Noise and Vibration AnalysisPresentationReimer. T Pöschl. M Mohan . G
Thermal Layout of an Automotive E-Motor under Consideration of Individual Cooling Concepts PresentationSchneider. J Knaus. O Colla . A