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Material Characterisation for Metal Forming Simulation - Technology GuidePublicationHazra. S
What is System CFD?PublicationHunt. D
How to - Model Bolted and Riveted JointsPublicationWilliams. B
How To - Obtain Material Properties for the Structural Analysis of CompositesPublicationYancey. R
Simulation Data Management Survey ReportPublicationCigel. R Bartholomew. P Meintjes. K Shankar. S Tolle. D Walsh. J
How To Use Beam Plate & Shell ElementsPublicationHellen. T
Advanced Finite Element Contact BenchmarksPublicationKonter. A
Background to Finite Element Analysis of Geometric Non-linearity BenchmarksPublicationBecker. A
Report of the STEP FEA Project MeetingPublicationHunten. K Holmberg. G Blindheim. P Maupas. F Leal. D
Robust Design Optimzation in Virtual Product DevelopmentPublicationWill. J Most. T Kunath. S