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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
15 Years SPDM@BMWReicheneder. JPresentationBMW Group
3D Printing And SimulationDean. AMagazine ArticleDEVELOP3D
A Successful Application of the Digital Twin Starts as Early as PossibleMarovic. BPresentationMentor Graphics
AIAA R-101A-2005 - Recommended Practice: The CFD General Notation System – Standard Interface Data StructuresStandardAIAA
ANSI/AISC 360-16; July 7, 2016: Specification for Structural Steel BuildingsStandardAISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
Addressing Professional Development in the Simulation IndustrySymington. IWebinarNAFEMS
Advisory Circular 20-146A: Methodology for Dynamic Seat Certification by Analysis StandardFAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
Benchmark April 2018 - Digital Twins – Believe the Hype?NAFEMSFlipbook MagazineNAFEMS
Big Questions for the Simulation Communityde Souza. AMagazine ArticleNAFEMS
CFD at NAFEMS World Congress 2013NAFEMS CFD Working GroupMagazine Article Event ReviewNAFEMS