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Accelerating Vehicle Design Through the Use of Gaming EnginesPaperDiepen. A Gaff. C
Microscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Linear Viscoelastic Vibration Behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced PlasticsPaperKriwet. A Urban. F Er. D Stommel. M Middendorf. P
UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation Development Method for Transportation Disinfection ModelingPaperMarshall. S Tanke. D Basile. R Francois. N-Y Nekolny. P
Simulation-based Digital Twin of a High-speed Turbomachine (Fan) Used in Avionics CoolingPaperKandaz. M Kacar. A Gundogar. U Ak. E Gurer. B
Enhancement of TCL/TK Scripting to Achieve Time Efficient Generation of Global Finite Element ModelPaperSancaktar. A Gözüm. S
Bending Simulations of CFRP LaminatesPaperKabel. M
Dynamic FEM Simulation for the Development of a Sensor Head for a Drone Based Concrete Inspection SystemPaperThurnherr. C
Simulation Best Practices in Vibro-Acoustics to improve NVH performancePaperSarkar. D Shah. H
Asymmetric Constraints, a Multiphysics Modelling ApplicationPaperNahed. C Stéphane
Comparative Study of Different Damage Modelling Techniques for Composite Laminate Interlaminar Failures – A Case Study ApproachPaperLiu. H Qi. G Yong Kim. I