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Simulation of a Plasma Enhanced μ-jet-CVD Process

NAFEMS International Journal of CFD Case Studies

Volume 5, January 2006

ISSN 1462-236X

Simulation of a Plasma Enhanced µ-jet-CVD Process

C. Dehning1, A. Holländer2, A-M. Leventi-Peetz1 and K. Silmy2
1Fraunhofer Institute SCAI, 53754 St. Augustin
2Fraunhofer Institute IAP, 14476 Golm

Keywords: MpCCI Coupling Library, MpCCI Code Adapter, Coupled Interdisciplinary Simulation, CVD-Plasma-Reactor, µ-Jet-CVD Process, Hybrid Plasma-Model and Boltzmann Equation Solver



We present results of a coupled calculation to simulate the combined movement and plasma excitation of a process gas, accelerated in the form of a fine beam, known as micro-jet (µ-jet-CVD), between the RF electrodes of a CVD-plasma-reactor, before it reaches the deposition surface. The form and geometry of the deposition, as well as its chemical and physical properties, depend on the chemical properties of the gas, the externally supplied electrical energy as well as the gas-dynamical characteristics of the flow [1]. Previous open jet numerical simulations have examined the possibility of an existing direct analogy of the deposition form to the form of jet lines-geometry for corresponding pressure values in the reactor device. The present preliminary study shows the feasibility of flow coupled to plasma-excitation simulation calculations. The process simulated here is most probably well away from the equilibrium state.


[1] A. Holländer, L. Abhinandan, “Localized deposition by m-jet-CVD”, Surface and Coatings Technology 174–175 (2003) 1175–1177.

[2] A. Salabas, “Fluid Model For Charged Particle Transport In Capacitively Coupled Radio Frequency Discharges”, Dissertation, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa October 2003.

[3] W. L. Morgan, B. M. Penetrante, ELENDIF: A Time-Dependent Boltzmann Solver For Partially Ionized Plasmas, Computer, Physics Communications 58 (1990) 127-152.

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C. Dehning, A. Holländer, A-M. Leventi-Peetz, K. Silmy, Simulation of a Plasma Enhanced µ-jet-CVD Process, NAFEMS International Journal of CFD Case Studies, Volume 5, 2006, Pages 51-56,

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AuthorsDehning. C Holländer. A Leventi-Peetz. A Silmy. K
TypeJournal Article
Date 2nd January 2006


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