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The Role of Modeling and Simulation in the Age of AI

The Role of Modeling and Simulation in the Age of AI

Mahmood Tabaddor

Principal Director for Applied Intelligence


(This has been a keynote presentation at the NAFEMS World Congress 2023.)

Hear ye, hear ye! I shall speak on the profound impact of engineering modeling and simulation in the age of AI. We shall ponder how these tools are designed to yield insights, explore their relationship to reality and knowledge, and consider how they may affect human intelligence and flourishing. Join me in this discourse and let us reflect on how best to harness their potential. Abstract generated by ChatGPT Mar 14 version with the prompting of some general messages of the talk, constraints on number of words, and to be written in a Shakespearean style.

A main theme of Mahmood Tabaddor's career has been the use of modeling and simulation to support engineering product and manufacturing process design through the unique insights only available through engineering simulation. He used advanced CFD to help double optical fiber coating line speeds during his tenure at Bell Labs. He used dynamics modeling methods to provide insights into NVH field issues for vehicles during his years in the automotive industry, both at OEM and Tier 1 supplier. And over the last few years, he dedicated himself to promoting the use of modeling and simulation in support of product safety certification and compliance. He drove the M&S strategy for UL, a global leader in product certification, creating and supporting the first ever formal commercial offering on the use of Modeling and Simulation fo Compliance in the Testing, Inspection and Compliance industry. He is currently working on the use of digital twins to help enterprises think about using digitization as an opportunity to re-design their business processes: from supply chain to manufacturing to product engineering. He is also a Steering Committee Member for the Americas at NAFEMS. He has helped organized webinars and workshops for NAFEMS members on practical AI applications in industry and the role of trustworthiness for AI. In addition, he has been a member of ASME V&V 50 subcommittee, and a member of US TAG for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 on artificial intelligence. And now, he is honored to be a keynote speaker at the NAFEMS Congress. Mahmood received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and his PhD in nonlinear dynamics from Virginia Tech.

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Date 18th May 2023


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