Simulation Governance: Managing Simulation

Product Development capability is becoming an asset in many companies. A company’s ability to do virtual validation depends on CAE resources and an ability to do repeatable, reliable and robust CAE at all phases of product development. It is essential that a Governance System be put in place to take advantage of the virtual capability.

In a Tier 1 environment, there are interactions both upward, with OEMs, and downward, with Tier 2 and 3 suppliers. Math data models and defined CAE models have to be well established such that product validation is synchronized. A governance model that facilitates free exchange of ideas and solutions, both within and outside of the organization, is necessary. It also requires clear definition of the important elements of simulation and synthesis in product creation, preferred sequence and flow, clear identification of data models, and seamless integration of tools to control the process.  The organizational boundaries, resource constraints, and varied analytical approaches have to be overcome to create an efficient simulation process.  This webinar will provide insights into the ongoing development of these processes within a Tier 1 automotive driveline supplier.
additional information, or to register for other webinars in this webinar series, please visit "Simulation 20/20: The Next Five Years". 

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AuthorsDesai. R Meintjes. K
AudiencesManager Developer
Date 19th April 2016
OrganisationAmerican Axle & Manufacturing


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