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Some Failures & Studies with Lessons Learned - Fatigue


During this presentation observations on a variety of interesting failures are examined and pertinent engineering lessons highlighted. The failures briefly examined include:

  1. Fatigue assessment of a reduction shaft in a wind turbine for Altamont Pass.
  2. Wind-induced vibration and low cycle fatigue failure of galvanized steel, lighting columns.
  3. Combined low-cycle fatigue and ratcheting test on a 90 degree single mitred pipe bend, subjected to combined bending and internal pressure.
  4. Failure analysis of a pump body.
  5. The Baud Curve … Nature’s way of eliminating stress concentration.
  6. A miscellaneous collection related to the generation of beneficial residual stresses in a dissimilar weld cladding concept, dissimilar brazed joint functional grading concept, thermal autofrettage of dissimilar brazed joint concept, brazed joint edge grinding concept and a possible future fatigue resistant crack repair and strengthening concept.

The presentation reflects on relevant simulation issues as well as engineering lessons.

Document Details

AuthorWood. J
AudiencesAnalyst Educator
Date 10th September 2020
OrganisationNAFEMS Technical Fellow


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