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Getting Started with System Simulation

Getting Started with System Simulation


NAFEMS is seeking to commission a qualified author or team of authors to develop an on-demand online course titled "Getting Started with System Simulation". This course is aimed at providing an introduction to system simulation techniques within mechanical engineering.

Intended Readership

This course targets mechanical engineers, system simulation engineers, analysts, academic researchers, students specializing in mechanical engineering or related fields, and professionals aiming to enhance their expertise in system simulation.


The publication is expected to provide a practical guide, with links to underlying theory for analysts, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Introduction to mathematical and physical foundations, dynamics and time integration methods,
  • Introduction to 1D modelling techniques for mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, thermo-fluid systems,
  • 1D – 3D co-simulation,
  • Introduction to the concept of FMU and FMI,
  • Reduced Order Model creation techniques,
  • Real time simulation, MiL, SiL, HiL techniques,
  • Case studies showcasing best practices.


The on-demand course is aimed to be delivered through the NAFEMS Learning Hub, consisting of text, formulas, figures, videos, and downloadable files. Further specification and support will both be provided by the NAFEMS technical and marketing teams. The approximate learning time of the total course for course attendees is expected to be around 3 to 5 hours.


The total cost is not expected to exceed £6000 (GBP), and it is expected that the course will be completed within 12 months from NAFEMS approval.

Guidance for Proposals

Each proposal should consist of:

  • The proposed structure of the course with specification of the individual examples,
  • Work plan including milestones and interim deliveries for early review,
  • Cost,
  • The authors' credentials, curriculum vitae, etc. (Proposals from single authors and consortia will be considered.),
  • The PSE competencies that the publication is anticipated to address. Contact to obtain access.


All proposals should be sent to NAFEMS at to arrive no later than 1st of January 2025.