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Introduction to Multiphysics

Introduction to Multiphysics

Complex Pressure-Related Flow Phenomena in CFD

This course presents Dr. József Nagy's comprehensive introduction to Multiphysics simulations. The course's structure is divided into three sections focusing first on individual simulation components, and then on conjugate heat transfer and fluid-structure interaction. The course emphases both theoretical and practical aspects. The course aims to provide with an understanding of the individual domains and their coupling, including best practices and common pitfalls. It is designed for learners to be progressed linearly or to delve into specific topics as needed. The course content is software-agnostic and is centered around principles that can be applied across different software suites.


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Course Outline

1​. Fundamentals


1​.1. Theoretical introduction to fluid dynamic simulations

1​.2. Explaining the basic simulation setup of a fluid dynamic simulation

1​.3. Theoretical introduction to thermal simulations

1.4. Explaining the basic simulation setup of a thermal simulation

1​.5. Theoretical introduction to structural simulations

1​.6. Explaining the basic simulation setup of a structural simulation

1​.7. Quiz for Chapter 1.


2​. Conjugate heat transfer


2​.1. Theoretical introduction to conjugate heat transfer simulations

2​.2. Guide for geometry and mesh in conjugate heat transfer simulations

2​.3. Guide for simulation settings in conjugate heat transfer

2​.4. Series of conjugate heat transfer simulation applications

2​.5. Quiz for Chapter 2.



3​. Fluid-structure interaction


3​.1. Theoretical introduction to fluid-structure interaction simulations

3​.2. Guide for geometry and mesh in fluid-structure interaction simulations

3​.3. Guide for simulation settings in fluid-structure interaction simulations

3​.4. Guide for material models in fluid-structure interaction simulations

3​.5. Series of fluid-structure interaction simulation applications

3​.6. Quiz for Chapter 3.



4​. Pitfalls in Multiphysics simulations


4​.1. Approaches to solving multiphysics simulations

4​.2. Most common pitfalls

4​.3. Quiz for Chapter 4.



5​. Outlook and PSE competencies addressed by this course


Course Author

Dr. József Nagy

József Nagy

Dr. József Nagy graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in Physics and finished his PhD in Chemical Engineering. For six years he held the position of a post-doc at the Johannes Kepler University, where he worked on polymer materials. He is the Chair of the Technical Committee for Tutorials and Documentation in the OpenFOAM Governance System and is Chief-Editor at the OpenFOAM Journal. He has the biggest YouTube channel with specialized tutorials for learning Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with OpenFOAM. Currently he is a CFD engineer at eulerian-solutions. His areas of interest are diverse, multiphase flows, complex materials, porous media, fire and species dispersion, Fluid-Solid Interaction (FSI) and model development and implementation as well as custom workflows for specific applications.


Multiphysics, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Fluid-Structure Interaction, C​omputational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analyis, Code Coupling


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