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NAFEMS Eastern Europe

NAFEMS is the international association for the engineering simulation and modelling community.  Since its inception in 1983 NAFEMS has worked to represent the engineering simulation community and provide resources that facilitate best practice in the application of engineering simulation.

The NAFEMS Eastern Europe region currently comprises of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia (this is flexible with no restrictions and can be extended, based on interest).

NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee is responsible for the planning of seminars, courses and conferences in the region. It's role is to recommend and support NAFEMS activities in Eastern Europe, consistent with NAFEMS objectives.

Seminars are run regularly throughout the region, and the Steering Committee ensures that the needs of the analysis community are being met by the events programme.

NAFEMS Eastern Europe held their first event - Numerical Simulation in Product Development – NAFEMS Activities in Eastern Europe’ in April 2017 with the primary focus being how NAFEMS activities could help engineers working in numerical simulations, in the Eastern European countries. We had 60+ senior management and decision makers attend the event from different industry sectors and a summary report is available here.

For a full list of planned and past events, please go to our events page.

Download the NAFEMS Eastern Europe 2018 Activity Report

Steering Committee Chairman

David Felhös

Regional Representative

Jo Davenport

+44 1355 225688