Technical Fellow

NAFEMS Technical Fellows


The NAFEMS community is made up, in large part, by a network of volunteers, supported by the core staff members. These volunteers dedicate their time and experience to the community in order to advance both the technology and the people who work with that technology. Over the past 35 years, we have seen hundreds of people engage in the NAFEMS working group and steering committee structure, with many of these individuals being a part of the organisation for much of that time

In June 2018, NAFEMS’ Council decided to recognise these outstanding contributions by introducing the award of “NAFEMS Technical Fellow”. The award will be made at Council’s discretion to those who have dedicated themselves over a period of time to the advancement of the organisation, and made a significant contribution to the community through their continued participation.


NAFEMS Technical Fellows 2018

1st Class of NAFEMS Technical Fellows

  • Rod Dreisbach
  • Jim Wood
  • Trevor Hellen
  • Klaus Rohwer
  • Bill Oberkampf
  • Jean-Francois Imbert
  • Peter Bartholomew