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NORDIC Regional Conference 2010

NAFEMS NORDIC Regional Conference 2010 

Trends and Future Needs in Engineering Simulation

October 26 – 27, 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden


The NAFEMS Nordic Conference 2010 was held in Gothenburg, 26th - 27th October 2010. Entitled “Trends and Future Needs in Engineering Simulation”, the Conference gave delegates an unrivalled independent insight into best practices and state-of-the-art which consequently show upcoming trends, tendencies and necessary future needs in FEA, CFD, MBS and associated technologies.  



Saab 9-5 Virtual Development Without Hardware Prototypes
T. Sjödin (Saab Automobile AB, S)


Simulation Data Management - Presented on Behalf of the NAFEMS SDMWG
P. Bartholomew (MDAO Technologies, UK), M. Norris (MSC.Software, UK

Finite Element Simulations in LM Wind Power /  Fracture in Wind Turbine Blades
A. L. Hansen, C. Lundsgaard-Larsen, J. H. Garm, R. C. Østergaard (LM WindPower A/S, DK)


Analysis of the Drivetrain Performance of a Large Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine: An Aeroelastic Approach
C. Gebhardt, S. Preidikman, J.Massa (Univ. of Córdoba, ARG); B. Veluri , H. Jensen (Aarhus University, DK)


Model Based Engineering of Intelligent Vehicles
P. Mas, H. van der Auweraer , J. Anthonis, J. De Cock, V. Braibant, J. Leuridan (LMS International, B)


Trends and Challenges in Industrial Computational Electro-Magnetics
B. Wästberg , B. Strand, E. Abenius (Efield AB, S)


Recent Advances in Vibro-Acoustic Modeling an Numerical Solvers for Engineering Applications
J. de Cock, J. de Boer , R. Hallez, H. Bériot, M. Tournour, S. Donders (LMS International, B)


Multi-Objective Optimization of Dual-Antenna Handhelds for MIMO Communications
A. Derneryd , A. Stjernman (Ericsson AB, S); H. Strandberg (Esteco Nordic AB, SWE), B. Wästberg (Efield AB, S)


Recent Progresses in High Performance Engine Analysis and Optimization
R. Helfrich (Intes GmbH, D) 


Addressing Robustness in Vehicle Simulation Models
S. Seitanis (Beta CAE Systems S.A., GR)


Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD, as a Natural Tool in the Design and Engineering Process
S. Fredriksson (Semcon, S)  

not available

Performance Bottlenecks in Compute Solutions for Transient CFD
S. Perzon, Per Österdahl (Go Virtual Nordic AB, S)


Simulation of Wave Loads on Offshore Structures with Volume of Fluid (VOF) Method
V. Tregde (Kongsberg Devotek, N) 13_tregde_devotek.pdf

The Value of Simulation Data Management – A Decade of Production Experience of Simulation Data Management
J. Landergren (MSC.Software, UK)


Building Simulation Reports Efficiently – The Challenges of Reporting
T. Helge Hansen, T. Alstad (Ceetron AS, N)


Computational Fracture Mechanics: New Trends and Illustration with an Industrial Test Case
C. Henrard, M. Suptille, N. Visseaux, M. Bruyneel (Samtech, B/F)


Impact Simulation on the Real Part of Air-craft Structures
R. Doubrava (Aeronautical Research and Test Institute - VZLU, CZ)


Failure Analysis of Composite Structures
P. Nordlund (MSC.Software, S)


A New Methodology to Describe a Continuous Product Validation Process Contemplating Networking of Numerous Digital Validation Methods
G. Syal, N. A. Suyam Welakwe (Daimler AG, D)


A Holistic Approach to Post-Processing of FEA Results – Current Trends
V. Pavlidis , D. Siskos (Beta CAE Systems S.A., GR)


Managing Uncertainties in Fatigue Assessments
P. Johannesson, J. de Maré (Chalmers Univ., S); T. Svensson (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, S)


Reduce Costs and Development Time of the Automotive Projects
M. Andreasson (MSC.Software, S)


Hotforming as a Multi-Discipline Simulation Challenge
R. Andersson (Svensk Verktygsteknik, S); M. Skrikerud (ESI Group, S)


Modeling of Powder Forming Process using an Exponential-Cap Powder Model
P. Nordlund (MSC.Software, S)


A New Intuitive Graphical User Interface for Industrial Forming Simulation
C. Kaulich (GNS mbH, D)


Simulation of Side Impact on a Hydroformed B-pillar Considering its Forming ProcessM. Redhe (Engineering Research Nordic AB, S)


Lead Time Reduction for Virtual Testing in Automotive Engineering
S. Undvall, E. Dessarud (Altair Engineering, S); C. Kalliokorpi (Saab Automobile, S);
J. Zachrison (Epsilon, S)


Optimization of Robustness as Contribution to Early Design Validation of
Kinematically-Dominated Mechatronic Systems Regarding Automotive Needs
F. Wuttke, M. Bohn (Daimler AG, D)


Relevance of Introducing Manufacturing Effects in Structural Analysis
P. Ekedahl (Volvo Aero Corp., S)


26 - 27 October 2010

Organizing Committee
• H. Droege (Medeso, S)
• P. Ekedahl (Volvo Aero Corporation, S)
• H. Ekman (Altair Engineering, S)
• K. Eriksson (Process Flow, FI)
• J. Freund (University of Helsinki, FI)
• J. Granlund (Abaqus Scandinavia, S)
• J. E. Halden (Kongsberg Devotek, N)
• T. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, DK)
• G. Horrigmoe (Norut Technology, N)
• F. M. Jensen (Risoe DTU, DK)
• J. Landergren (MSC.Software Sweden, S)
• M. Oledal (Ansys Sweden, S)
• R. Oswald (NAFEMS)
• L. Rasmussen (Jupiter Plast, DK)
• B. Tollefsen (Engineering Data Resources, N)
• A. Torvund (SimEvolution, N)
• E. Weibust (IBM, S)

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