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Aerospace Simulation Engineering: Navigating the Digital Thread

Aerospace Simulation Engineering: Navigating the Digital Thread

Thursday, October 18th, 2018
Lynnwood, WA



Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers are facing an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace as their products are becoming more complex via tighter integration of systems and cyber-physical environments. That being said, there are rising interests to incorporate Digital Threads as communication frameworks for sharing product lifecycle information seamlessly and Digital Twin methodologies for assessing virtually the expected and future operational physics-based capabilities of a product throughout its lifecycle. Utilizing these techniques in conjunction with the latest engineering simulation tools effectively, accurately and efficiently to meet business goals has never been more critical, as aerospace engineering continues to move into a highly-advanced technological space.

Topics presented and discussed at this conference will address various questions, such as:

  • What are some pragmatic case studies applicable to the latest aerospace engineering concerns?
  • How do end-users and solution providers collaborate to solve arising technological problems?
  • What solutions are available to help me, and have others had success with similar applications?
  • What steps should I take when exploring the widening technology landscape?


NAFEMS Americas and invited speakers will cover these topics and more at, “Aerospace Simulation Engineering: Navigating the Digital Thread.” Located in Seattle, WA, attendees from the aerospace industry will gather at this event in a non-competitive environment to exchange ideas, identify best practices, and drive the near-future direction of technology.

This event aims to deliver information and insights on critical engineering simulation topics in a manner that maximizes the “take-away” value for attendees. An event agenda and concept championed by several leading figures in the aerospace industry will provide the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and practices, which attendees can later share and apply within their own organizations.

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